Saturday, August 30, 2014

Like father, like son

While at the pool, a group of guys (and 1 girl) showed up to play some basketball.  My mind went directly to "dude, it's so stinking hot out here.  why in the world would you want to be out playing basketball?'  It was like 4pm.  H.O.T.T.

My little guy, though, got out of the pool and stood at the fence just to watch.  Something his daddy would do - minus the life jacket.  {I know you all just got a mental picture of Mr. Hill with a puddle jumper floaty on though}

Friday, August 29, 2014

Things she said ...

Just out of the mouth of Mykah ..

M : I don't want a maid of honor when I get married.
Me : (wondering where the heck that came from & trying not to laugh) Why?
M: Because I don't want no one to take my dress.

Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up.

Friday Favorites

I want to start sharing with you some of our favorite things, specifically my kids favorite things to do.  My girls LOVE helping in the kitchen.  It's something they do all the time with my mom, which I love.  That's a special memory they will always have of their Nana and she makes it a point to let them help no matter what she's making. 

I'm not always as reluctant to have them help me.  I'm a little controlling in the kitchen and we don't have much space.  Plus, I don't like to cook.  I want to do it and get it done.  My mom is a cook.  The best, in fact, and has more patience with her grandchildren than I do sometimes.  

Last weekend, I did let the girls bake.   They wanted muffins and I had just bought some easy (and cheap) mixes from the store.  You know the ones.  Where you just add water or milk.  Mix and bake.  I let them to do it all and they were in heaven!

I did help when it came to putting them in the hot oven and then taking them out when they were done, but they added the water/milk, stirred, spooned the mix into the cupcake liners and then licked the bowls.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reuse those bottles

When I first started running out of oils, I wondered what I would do with the empty bottles.  In my mind, they were too goo and there was way too many of them to just toss in the trash.  I searched and asked around before I found out how I wanted to use mine. 

I found an empty jar.  Filled it with epsom salt.  And put in the empty bottles.  I didn't put the lids and valves in, but just saw that someone else did because they have oils on them too.  I'll be adding those after I type this. 

The epsom salt will soak up any oils and fragrance that is left, leaving you with a jar full of bath salts.  I'm going to let these soak for a day, then I'll be able to dump a little into our baths each night.  I've seen some people use all of their lavender in one jar.  Another oil in another jar.  I just threw in several of different oils.  A good conglomeration of smells and benefits. 

Enjoying the little things today!