Wednesday, November 17, 2010

. time flies .

i have always believed that time flies when you're having fun, but whether we are having fun in the hill house all the time or not, time is still flying by so fast.  the girls are growing and learning new things daily and hitting "developmental milestones" so quickly.  karsyn is about to be 4 years old.  when did that happen?!?  mykah is going to be 2 shortly after.  i'm learning to sit back and enjoy.  to soak in every second of their little lives.  to try to memorize their every move as if i could always see them as babies. 

karsyn is (as "those" parents would say ... 47 months old) or almost 4.  i prefer to say "she'll be 4 in december".  here are some of my favorite things and some not so favorite things about her right now ...

*she absolutely loves preschool and amazes me at the things she remembers.  yesterday she said "authors are the people who write words."  i asked her where she learned that from and she said "from ms. jamee". 

*she wants me to fix her hair every single day.  and those little stray hairs that pop out of the side of the pony tail drive her crazy.  reminds me a little of me.

*she has an opinion about everything and is not afraid to express it.  at. all.

*she loves anything physical. riding bikes.  jumping on the trampoline.  swinging.  she's even said she wants to run with me, which i would love.

*she loves being a big sister.  the other day she said she never wants me to have another baby.  mykah cannot ever be a big sister b/c she is the big sister.

*she's quite the bossy little thing.

*she is and has always been very independent. 

*she is very strong willed.  very.  and i'm not so sure where she gets that from.

*today she told me that "emma starts with E, brenna starts with B, and ally starts with A".  those are her little friends in her preschool class.  i was amazed that she knew this!

Mykah is definitely developing an awesome personality.  She is hilarious.  She is 2 1/2 (or 22 months old now) and a complete riot!  Here are some new things about her ...

*she is learning to put sentences/partial sentences together.  all day long she says "mommy's car.  daddy's car.  mimi's car."  that's her favorite phrase right now i guess.  she gets a kick out of her words too.  each time she says something she just laughs and laughs.

*she is doing everything sissy does.  everything. 

*she has her thumb in her mouth more times than not.  i think the only time its not in her mouth is when she's eating, but even then she's tried to eat with it in there.  that's going to be a hard one to break!

*she's not sleeping as much as she used to, which i miss.  but she still sleeps pretty well.  typically she'll go to bed at 7:30 and sleep until 7:00 or 7:30.  her naps are down to an average of an hour and a half.  i'm missing the 2-3 hour naps though.  occasionally she breaks them out. 

*she knows how to call papa on my phone.  every. time.

*she now sleeps with a pillow and a blanket to cover her (b/c sissy does), but is still in her crib.  i have no intentions of moving her out of her crib.  karsyn was in hers until she was 2 1/2. 

*she is still lactose intolerant and actually just ended up with a double ear infection b/c we let her have cake and ice cream.  usually i give her a lacaid chewable and she's fine, but that day we forgot and paid the price.

i am absolutely amazed at my girls each day.  they are always learning something new that blows my mind.  i love being home with them and can't imagine it any other way.  i just can't believe how fast they are growing though!

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