Tuesday, May 29, 2012

. 18 week update .

what a whirlwind the past two weeks have been.  may 18th i had gallbladder surgery.  i had to be at the hospital at 6:45am for surgery that would start at 8:00am.  dr. gayle was with me the entire time, which is probably the only reason i was comfortable with the surgery.  i don't recall how long the surgery lasted or what time i was wheeled up to the OB floor.  heck, i don't even remember being wheeled to the OB floor.  i was monitored in labor & delivery the rest of the day and went home around 6:30 that evening.  thankfully, baby boy did amazing and stayed strong throughout the entire day. 
fastfoward to today.  today is the first day since then that i have felt decent.  i have moments each day, but i haven't had a whole day.  and i'm enjoying it.  other than having to make some dietary changes and drink extra water, i've done great. 
here we go for our 18 week update ...
there's my boy!!  he made it quite obvious, although he was actually asleep during this ultrasound.  he's measuring a few days ahead of schedule too.  this was technically 17w4d.
how far along?:  19 weeks 1 day today.  i know, i'm behind.
gender?:  definitely a boy!  i'll have a separate post about his name soon.
total weight gain/loss:  still at -10 lbs.  my appetite is just now returning after surgery, so maybe there will be a weight gain soon.  honestly, i'm ok with the lack of those 10 lbs.
maternity clothes?:  definitely.  the pants for sure.  and since i wear tshirts most days, i'm still wearing those as well. 
best moment this week: we started on the nursery!  so far, his room has been our "junk room".  we've had no use for it, no plans for it, so why not throw all of our crap in it?!  we all have one of those.  you know it.  but my amazing husband who has way more energy than i do these days, cleared things out.  we want it to be bare so we can paint it this summer.
miss anything?:  the usual .. energy, being the passenger in the car.  today i miss caffeine a little.
movement:  the boy moves!  i always doubt what i feel to be kicks, but it's pretty obvious when he's doing karate in there.  and david actually felt him once.  it seems as though he moves really early in the mornings.  like 4am!
food cravings?:  i'm just now getting my appetite back, but ICEE's have been on my radar a lot lately.  poor david.  the ladies at the convenience store know him well.
anything make you queasy or sick?:  right now it's hard to tell what's pregnancy related and what's lack-of-gallbladder related.  so yes.  i'm queasy still and i still throw up occassionally.
have you started to show yet?:  this question may come off the list next time.  seriously.  i'm 19 weeks pregnant.  yes, i'm showing.  i was showing at 7 weeks!
labor signs?:  nope.  thank goodness.
belly button in or out:  it's at the surface for sure.  :)
wedding rings on or off:  still on.  most days.  if i've had too much salt, they don't go on.
symptoms:  no energy.  occassional nausea.  still barfing here and there.  swollen feet by 7pm.  good things ... my nails are amazing and my hair is growing long!
happy or moody most of the time:  right now?  happy.  :)
looking forward to: working on the nursery.
dreading anything?:  the hot days of summer!!!!!!  give me a pool and an icee, please!

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